Toyota Trucks Tough As Chuck Norris In New Ad Campaign

Built Ford Tough. Like A Rock. And now “Tough as Chuck”. It’s all about the tough factor when it comes to pickups. And Toyota chose the ultimate face of toughness for its new ad campaign…Chuck Norris.

This campaign marks the first time Toyota has made a multi-model advertisement. There are three ads for the campaign, “Tough as Chuck”, “Tag,” and “So Beautiful,” which feature several different models. Toyota is aiming to demonstrate vehicle performance, capability, and style while hopefully engaging and resonating with specific target audiences for each vehicle.

Only one ad features the one and only Chuck Norris and a Tacoma TRD Off-Road. When Norris autographs the Tacoma he gives it some of his iconic superpowers. The Tacoma then proceeds to rescue a park ranger, save a man falling from scaffolding, get a football from a tree, do some kung-fu and a handful of other things. Basically, the Tacoma is capable of anything Chuck Norris can do.

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