Toyota Confirmed That The Supra Will Be Available with Manual Transmission

A lot of people may remember passing on the new Toyota Supra simply because it lacked manual transmission. That has always been the case up to the fifth-generation Supra, which is equipped with a ZF eight-speed automatic, regardless of the engine size. Well, Toyota made good on this feedback and confirmed that a stick option for the coupe will be coming out soon.

Following the positive response they’ve been getting for the new GR Corolla, Toyota said via their Twitter account, “Did you think we were done?” with a photo of three pedals and the hashtags #Supra and #Manual.

The specifics behind the upcoming manual gearbox is unknown. But according to a press release by Toyota UK, the Supra’s transmission will be “all-new” and “tailor-made.”

Although no official release date has been announced, some Japanese car blogs suggest that the manual Supra is rumored to arrive as soon as April 28th.

Should the stick shift Supra arrive before summer 2022, that means that lots of sports car enthusiasts will be eagerly standing by to hopefully pit it up against the new, upcoming Nissan Z with manual transmission.

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