Tips & Tricks For Removing Window Tint

On project or restoration cars you sometimes come across glass that’s been sitting for awhile and may even have old window tint on it. A lot of times when you go to remove that foil often times the adhesive stays on the glass. Solvent and paper towels get the job done but it can get pretty messy. So here’s an easier method.

All you’ll need are a few razor blades, glass cleaner, and shop towels for cleanup. A new razor blade is better so you don’t scratch the glass with any burrs. Start by removing the film. Pulling a big piece back first and ripping it off quickly allows most of the adhesive to stay on the foil – not the glass.

With the tint gone, you can work on removing the leftover adhesive. The trick is to use plenty of glass cleaner which lubricates both the glass and your razor blade.

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