Three Ways to Re-Gear Your Vehicle

Three Ways to Re-Gear Your Vehicle

Everyone likes choices. When it comes to regearing your vehicle, USA Standard Gear has three ways to do it. You can do a simple swap with a Ring and Pinion Set in your choice of ratios. Or, you can do a gear swap and add a Dura-Grip limited slip differential with a Ring and Pinion/Differential Combo. And if you have a truck or Jeep, you can replace the gears and do a differential overhaul with a USA Standard Gear Ring and Pinion Gear Kit Package.

What You Need to Overhaul a Differential

You need a lot of parts to overhaul a differential case. Fortunately, Yukon Gear Master Overhaul Kits have everything you need in one convenient package including top quality Timken bearings and races, a pinion seal, crush sleeve or preload shims, and a pinion nut. Yukon Gear even includes ring gear bolts, gear marking compound, and a gasket.                                                                                                                                                       

Gear Doctor: Quick Guide to Diagnosing Common Ring & Pinion Issues

What grinds your gears?

Is it prematurely worn or chipped teeth? Or an ominous clunking sound?

These symptoms can be signs of a fairly serious problem with your ring and pinion gears, so it’s time to consult with the doctor—the gear doctor. In this case, the gear doctor is the Summit Racing technical department, which helped us compile this quick guide to diagnosing common ring and pinion issues.

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