This Truck Gets Nearly Vertical!

Check out the truck below scaling this unlikely wall and making it all the way to the top. This one might just make your jaw drop to the floor.

We’ve done some pretty crazy off road builds in the XOR shops and there’s always videos going up online of awesome stunts. But this truck puts on a show that will really grab your attention since it practically defies physics.

You would think the stunt you see here wouldn’t be possible and as the truck goes up against an almost completely vertical wall you wait for it. The inevitable moment that poor driver is going to tumbling down to the bottom. C’mon the situation spells out rollover pretty clearly in big and bold letters all across it. However, when it actually comes down to it and it’s time to make the climb, the driver pulls out some type of superhuman ability and continues along the climb those rocks like nothing was out of the ordinary. Because who doesn’t get vertical in their rig every once in awhile? Have you or your buddies ever done something like this? Have a video? We want to see it! Post a link in the comments!