This Tow Truck Driver Is Having One BAD First Day

We’ve all had first days on the job and some are worse than others but for this tow truck driver, his first day on the job was pretty bad to say the least! Imagine it being your first day on the job being a tow truck driver and you miss the most important step of all..making sure the car is attached to the truck! That’s exactly what happened to this poor guy and it was pretty hilarious!

As this new tow truck driver is attaching a blue car to the back of his truck, something horrible goes wrong. Something looks like it came loose and the car completely detaches itself. Now for some reason the driver thought he could stop this car rolling backwards and just grab onto it but as you can see, gravity won that fight. As he grabs onto this runaway car, the car takes him down to the ground with it! He slides on the back of the truck ramps and it just turns into one hilarious fail. All in all, he looked like he was fine after the incident but he was probably pretty embarrassed when he found out there was surveillance video of the whole ordeal!