This Tesla Owner Implanted His Key Chip Into His Hand Because He Kept Losing His Keys

We’ve all been in that scenario where we are about to head out, and all of a sudden you are thrust into a panic because you misplaced your keys. What if there was a way where you could guarantee that you’ll never forget your keys again?

In the case of Brandon Dalaly, he aimed to do just that. Not through memory exercises or developing a more effective routine, but through a surgical procedure that involved implanting the key’s sensor chip for his Tesla into his hand.

“Finally decided to take my phone key issues in to my own hands… literally,” Dalaly wrote to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “Telsa key chip implant.”

In the video, Dalaly can be seen having the sensor chip to his car implanted into the back of his right hand by a body modification artist. Sure enough, the procedure worked and Dalaly can be seen easily unlocking and starting his Tesla just by holding his hand up to the sensor.

For those wondering, Dalaly says the procedure is completely safe as the chip is encased in the same biocompatible materials used in other surgical procedures like adding a pacemaker.

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