This NYC Underground Robotic Parking Garage Costs $300,000 Per Space

If you have ever driven your car through major metropolitan cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles, you can understand how big of a headache finding good parking can be.

However, some property developers have begun using the latest trend in luxury: fully automated underground parking garages.

Rather than waste time trying to find on-street parking, homeowners can simply pull their cars into this high-tech parking solution that somewhat resembles a large-scale vending machine.

Of course, this type of luxury doesn’t come cheap. These types of garages, typically found at some of the most expensive apartments in NYC, can cost between $300-595k. That is in addition to the apartments which, for those that can afford them, are valued in the millions.

There is also an additional $150 monthly maintenance fee per space, and if you require an EV charging port, that will be an extra $50,000.

The garage’s high-tech functionality is also a nice convenience for the amount of money being paid. The resident parks their vehicle onto an empty pallet, from where they exit their car. Once cameras scan the vehicle to ensure that the trunk and doors are closed, the owner will swipe their transmitter tag to the nearby scanner that activates the elevator system that transports the car to their designated spot. When the resident wants their vehicle back, they simply re-scan their tag and the automated system retrieves their car, now facing out towards the exit, in approximately two minutes.

If you are paying this kind of money for a parking spot, backing out with your high-end vehicle is a concern you wouldn’t want to worry about either.

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