This May Be The Closest Near Motorcycle Crash Ever!

Anytime you drive, it’s probably going to happen where you get behind someone going slow. You can only pass these types of people on dotted line roads but obviously before you attempt to pass them, you need to make sure nobody is coming the other way or in this case, someone else isn’t in front of them that you can’t see!

We see a helmet cam video of a motorcycle rider and his friend riding alongside him. A truck is in front of them. As the line in the road changes to dots, the biker up ahead decides to go and pass the slower driving truck. RIGHT as the biker is passing this truck, ANOTHER truck is turning left directly in front of the biker! It’s clear the bikers didn’t see that there was a truck in front of this other truck, let alone was also attempting to turn. The biker then BARELY misses this truck..literally by like an inch it looks like! This is crazy close! You can hear the biker with the helmet cam verbally express his shock of how close his friend got to hitting the truck.

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