This Is The World’s First-To-Market Helicopter/Car Hybrid

It seems like transportation is one of the top priorities when it comes to innovation and improvement. With growing populations in cities, car traffic is getting progressively worse and worse all the time. This had led to ideas such as the Hyperloop, underground highway tunnels and even flying cars. Although the idea of flying cars has been around for decades, it’s only until recently that a lot of companies have begun to produce such vehicles for the consumer market.

The GyroDrive is the world’s first flying machine certified to drive on the roads. It can travel up to 112 MPH in the air and can go up to 375 miles on a single tank of fuel. Unfortunately it’s not that fast on the ground, as it only has a max speed of 25 MPH. The Czech Republic company “Nirvana Systems” is selling the GyroDrive for $63,500.

This definitely looks really awesome but hopefully in the future there are improvements in ground speed to make it more practical to drive on the roadways. It’s still really cool though and just goes to show you that flying cars are definitely coming soon in the not so distant future. What do you think about the GyroDrive? Let us know in the comments!