This Is The First ZL1 10-Speed That Runs In The 9’s

The new Chevy Camaro ZL1 is still relatively new and just getting to customers. And with the 650 horsepower powerhouse under the hood, you’d think owners would wait awhile before breaking it in full force, what’s the rush? But there’s at least one ZL1 driver out there – this guy – that just couldn’t wait to see what the car could do.

There were only 60 miles on the odometer of this ZLA and the original gasoline from the dealership was still in the tank when RPM Motorsports from North Carolina decided it was time to get the ZL1 modified and out on the drag strip.

They got rid of the high-performance street tires and replaced them with full-on drag radials. In case the stock power wasn’t enough the performance shop had a nitrous kit fitted for even more outright power.

Thanks to a tune and that fast-shifting 10-speed automatic, the ZL1 is able to put down a fairly decent run. It came in at a 9.98-second quarter-mile time at 140 miles per hour. Compared to the stock run of 11.4 seconds at 127 miles per hour, that’s a second and a half quicker.

Now that’s what you call impressive modifications! Have you done any absurd mods to your car? We want to see them!