This Is How To Move Almost 1 Million Pounds

Oversize loads can be tricky and dangerous. But when David Hollis looked out his window May 3 and saw this oversized load pass his house on State Route 12 in rural Upstate New York he couldn’t believe how easy the crew made it look. The load was on its way to Pennsylvania.

Julie Holman, the marketing coordinator of Edwards Moving and Rigging located in Shelbyville, Kentucky, said the turbine in the video was manufactured at the General Electric plant up in Schenectady, New York and was bound for the Lackawanna Energy Center in Jessup, Pennsylvania.

And the stats on the turbine were also given, courtesy of Holman: The turbine weighs 374,900 lbs. just by itself. It was loaded on an Edwards Aspen A500 Dual Lane Transporter that was manufactured by Aspen in Canada. Overall the gross weight for the push/pull trucks, trailer and actual turbine itself is a whopping total of 913,227 lbs.

Edwards’ J.R. Hutchison provided the details on the three prime mover trucks it took to haul this beast:
2017 Kenworth C500’s with triple frames
Cummins X15 engine rated at 565 HP
Allison 4700RDS 7-speed automatic transmission
And DT Planetary drives with a final gear ratio of 20:1

Talk about a long haul! This thing goes on for quite awhile as it passes through New York. Impressive!