This Is How Cops Check If You’re Wearing Your Seatbelt

A seatbelt ticket is one of those tickets that can cause a headache and is pretty easily avoidable. At the end of the day, it’s something they enforce for your safety. And yes there can be an argument made for whether or not this should be an offense that can be taken care of with a fine, but it’s pretty safe to say that no matter where you stand on the issue it all comes down to your safety and you should really just wear the seatbelt.

But how do officers catch (aka enforce) this law? Like this. While on patrol, a civilian in traffic caught up with an officer who was checking out seatbelts in cars, sneaking up on the drivers and poking his head in the window to see if they were all buckled up.

The video shows off a situation that will give you some insight on how exactly police look for people breaking law by not buckling up. And while knowing how they look for offenders might help you avoid a fine, it’s probably a good preventative measure that you just fasten the seatbelt in the event that you actually need it to help save your life.

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