This Guy’s Getting Rid Of His Tesla Because It Needs New Tires

After watching this video, I’m kind of hoping this guy is joking or just trying to get video views. Because his reasoning for getting rid of his Tesla Model S is crazy. He has a YouTube channel, What’s Inside? Family, which has decent views so he’s obviously doing something right. In the latest video, he focuses his attention on the family car, a Tesla Model S and the fact that they’re getting rid of it due to needing to tires. Yeah.

He points out that you can see the “treads” on the back tires when in reality it’s the steel belts and there’s actually no tread at all left on his tires. So all the problems he rattles off in the video about fishtailing and sliding are probably due to him driving on completely bald tires. So instead of getting a brand new car, just shell out the $700 or whatever it is to get new tires. Even modern cars with awesome new technology are going to need new tires, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Check out the whole video on and let us know what you think about his theory…

This week on PowerNation our 4 shops have some handy takeaways you could use on your builds. Plus Katie will feature this beautifully restored 1949 Chevy pickup named ‘Ol 49 that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. Owners Jo and Adrean Shelton restored the truck in Jo’s dad’s memory. They turned to The Hot Rod Shop in Corinth, Mississippi to transform the 3/4 ton flatbed into a more modern classic truck in about 9 months. After lots of body work on the steel body, they dropped in a GM crate 350 engine that rolls on American Racing Wheels and Goodyear rubber. The bed is Oak with a Jacobean stain finished off with polished stainless steel strips and bolts.

Jo chose the PPG “Carbon Black Metallic” paint color. The interior is two-tone with Charcoal and Ruby leather filled with all the creature comforts, done by M & M Hot Rod Interiors. Also this week Team Summit NHRA Funny Car racer Tim Wilkerson will have a tip on picking fuel cells. It’s one full block of tech so make sure you join us.