This Ford Pickup Truck Is Totally Out Of Control!

When it rains, it’s always best to drive slower than normal because…well you might lose control like this guy did! It doesn’t really matter if you’re in a 2-wheel drive car or 4 wheel drive, driving fast in poor conditions is never a good idea! In this particular video we see a traffic camera somewhere of a road.

Suddenly, a Ford truck comes drifting around a corner, obviously going way too fast. It’s at this moment that it becomes pretty clear that this truck is completely out of control and is headed for disaster! When the camera switches views, the Ford truck SMASHES into what looks to be a neighborhood entrance sign. The sign is absolutely destroyed and the tree next to it lost quite a bit of its limbs. What a wild crash! Obviously this guy was driving way too fast and with the rainy road conditions, it was just a recipe for an accident. This definitely was a fail.

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