This Ford Ka Might Make You Vomit, Literally

This car will turn your world upside down! If you’ve ever had the desire for a fair ride/small sedan combo, this “RollKa” is for you. This Ford Ka brought to us by YouTube channel, Master Milo, is wedged to spin freely between two giant wheels. And it may make your commute vomit-worthy.

The actual vehicle is a European Ford Ka hatchback chopped in half and rigged to be what’s called a diwheel which is basically just any vehicle where the driver sits between two large, parallel powered wheels. And you’re left with what is essentially the front half of a front-wheel drive car powering the front wheels, which then make traction within the tracks of the larger fabricated ring wheels to move the ungainly body around.

There are a few other inner-wheels mounted on the external caging for weight support and stability as the cab rocks around within the wheel tracks. It has customized brakes, using two handles on either side of the driver, which are also used steer the machine. In a safe and controlled environment, the RollKa may be fun, for every day use? No thanks.

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