This Dragster Houses A Modified Volvo B20 Instead Of A V8

When you think dragster, you typically think American V8, hemi-powered NHRA engine. But Team Volvo from Sweden decided to go a different direction. Their car has a modified Volvo B20 and lots of boost under the hood.

The B20 was a straight 4 in production from 1969-1981 and is pretty close to the B18, which is a pretty indestructible engine. Bangshift reports the highest mileage ever recorded on one was 2.5 million miles. From the factory, this engine made 135 horsepower with fuel injection but obviously, this version makes much more, although there are no exact numbers given. Between the turbo, intercooler, and other mods this dragster runs in the 8s on the quarter miles at over 150 miles per hour. Team Volvo uses nitrous and as much as 40psi of boost to shoot it down the strip. Like this different take on a drag car?