This Audi Crash Is Just Insane!

There’s regular car crashes, then there are INSANE car crashes and that’s precisely what this one is! This accident occurred in Israel recently when an out of control Audi crashes in the most extraordinary way and even takes out a light pole!

Starting off, the camera angle is at a red light with traffic at a complete stop. Eventually the traffic gets a green light to go and traffic begins to move. In the right lane, an Audi comes out of no where and crashes into the car in front of it! It looks as though the Audi driver was trying to pass in front of the driver with the dash cam but misjudged the speed and hit the car in front of it while trying to pass! When the Audi hits the car in the right lane, the collision causes the Audi to flip on its side.

This is when things get super crazy! The Audi literally begins to flip over and ends up landing on a lamp post! The lamps go flying when the Audi crashes into it! After the Audi comes to a stop, a fire can be seen in the engine. What a wild crash!! Luckily all of the passengers in the Audi survived.