This 1997 Nissan 240SX Has Only 676 Miles On It

Who doesn’t miss the 90’s? There were actually a lot of amazing and legendary cars designed in the 90’s that are extremely sought after today by car enthusiasts. However, a lot of these old 90’s cars have been driven so hard, that some of them are so worn out that they’re practically a piece of junk at this point. You’d think it would be pretty rare to find a car from the 90’s that’s basically never been driven right? Well you’d be right! This 1997 Nissan 240SX has only 676 miles on it and it essentially looks brand new!

The car has an interesting story and what’s even more interesting than that is that the car has been completely de-badged of all Nissan emblems and replaced with some unusual emblems instead. The car on the inside looks literally brand new. Everything about this car looks like it’s never been driven a day in its life. What the owner is asking for the car is an extremely high price but then again, it’s a classic 90’s Nissan that’s essentially in mint condition. This is a type of car that you don’t really want to drive. Why get it dirty? It’s basically showroom material. What do you think about it?