Thieves Stage Real-Life “Italian Job” By Stealing Four Ferraris from a Long Island Dealership

Though probably not as exciting or glamorous as heist films like The Italian Job or Gone In 60 Seconds, it is being reported by NBC New York that four Ferraris were stolen overnight from a service center on Long Island.

Police are saying that three individuals broke through the glass door of the Ferrari of Long Island Service Center before 4 a.m. when they proceeded to steal various merchandise, as well as many key fobs that they used to steal four Ferraris from the lot.

Of the vehicles stolen, police have said that the thieves made off with a 2014 gray convertible, a 2016 blue convertible, a 2018 white two-door, and a 2023 white two-door. It is unclear whether the key fobs they stole also belonged to other vehicles that they did not steal during the heist.

Details are a bit muddled, as authorities and bystanders are confused as to how three people managed to drive off with four cars. But hopefully, the police will be able to apprehend the thieves responsible and get some answers.

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