Thieves Make Off with Six Dodge Challenger Hellcats From Dealer Lot in Less Than 60 Seconds

It may not be the real-life version of the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, but the timing is quite a coincidence. According to WKYT, six new Dodge Challenger Hellcats were swiped from the Don Franklin Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Somerset, KY. Based on the security camera footage, authorities believed that the thieves were able to break into the dealership and make off with the cars in approximately 40 seconds.

Four of the cars were located inside the showroom, and the other two were stolen outside. The keys were located inside the vehicles. The dealership’s manager believes that the thieves entered through the dealership’s rear garage door and made off with $600,000 worth of inventory.

“And they were gone. Once they tripped the alarm, it takes 60 seconds before it starts alerting. They were gone 20 seconds before the alarm started to go off. The response time of the police was like three minutes. It was really good,” says GM Adam Bryant.

Authorities say that five of the six stolen Dodge Challenger Hellcats have since been recovered. However, one of them is believed to be a total loss. Two received no damage, and it is unknown the physical condition of the other two recovered cars. Police believe that the thieves damaged the GPS on the final missing car, but believe it may be located somewhere in Alabama.

In the meantime, the dealership will be continuing with business as usual in the wake of this loss.

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