These Trucks Are Proof You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Or a truck by its restoration! The inaugural C-10 Nationals took place at the Texas Motor Speedway so naturally, Jeremy and LT from Truck Tech were there to check it out.

This was an amazing event where you most likely won’t see the same truck twice. C-10 owners came from all over North America to participate and one lucky person even left with a new truck! The beautiful 1985 C-10 named Midnight Mistress. The pickup has been restored with lots of parts from the LMC Truck catalog including the bumpers, grill, vent window assemblies, doors, mirrors, carpet, center console, headliner and stereo to name a few. It also has an LS 376 making 525 horsepower and is painted in BASF “ Squarebody Blue”. Check out more on the truck in the video below: