These Cops Set Up ‘Autocross DUI Courses’ to Avoid Coronavirus

People around the world are on edge thanks to the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, not everyone can work from home or self-quarantine. Professions such as doctors, truck drivers, and police officers still need to show up for work every day. But these police officers in South Korea found a creative way to have less contact during traffic stops.

The officers realized that during DUI stops, they were becoming susceptible to catching the disease. And since stopping impaired drivers is crucial and can’t just be put on hold, this creative solution was implemented.

It was an easy fix: a tiny autocross-like track made up of traffic cones on a wide, empty road. So rather than asking drivers to open their window and talk to authorities, risking exposure, officers decided to test a driver’s ability via their driving skills. Smart, and probably a blast if the driver is indeed sober.

The cones are arranged into the shape of an “S” which narrows the available space from three lanes to two lanes, down to just a single lane at the end. If drivers can’t navigate their vehicle through the course they are then pulled over for further evaluation.

Some people may think this isn’t the most technical or practical method. But a local news station did a story which showed one driver being escorted to a van and given a breathalyzer test.

What do you think? Would something like that be effective in the U.S. or should authorities stick to more traditional methods?

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