There Is Now A Gorilla Glass Windshield Available For Ford F-Series

Photo Courtesy Hyperformance Glass Products

Hyperformance Glass Products is a Michigan-based company that has come up with an idea to make your truck a little tougher. The company has debuted a Gorilla Glass windshield for the Ford F-Series. It is reportedly five times stronger than the factory material.

Photo Courtesy Hyperformance Glass Products

HGP specializes in glass encapsulation for various applications for both solar and automotive platforms. The windshield consists of three-layers with conventional soda-lime glass on the outside, Corning Gorilla Glass on the inside and a sound and energy-absorbing layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between.

The windshield starts at $899 before installation. However, the design allows minor chips to be repaired like any other window and it comes with a two-year replacement warranty for normal damage.

A Gorilla Glass windshield and engine cover are already being used by Ford on the GT supercar. HGP decided to start off with the F-Series based on its popularity but will add 10 to 15 new products in the coming year for other pickups and muscle cars. Side and rear windows are also in HGP’s future lineup.

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