The Worst Engine Removal Of All Time – GMC Blazer Gets Destroyed!

Ah, engine removals. It’s a necessary step in most car builds and should always be done properly if you want to make sure your car is still going to be drivable after it’s all said and done. Why would you want to do it properly you might ask? Well because what happens in this video is what would happen if you do it wrong…and it’s not pretty! This was definitely a fail!

This old GMC Blazer probably holds the award for hands down the worst engine removal of all time. It seems like the engine is being literally towed out by another truck with a chain. Why!?? It’s obviously going to have to be pulled through the radiator and everything else in the front of the truck to even get this thing out. After the engine plows through the front end of the truck everyone seems to think it’s funny almost as if they expected this to happen. Who knows but regardless, that old GMC Blazer didn’t stand a chance at surviving this poorly planned engine removal.

What do you think about this fail? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about it? Let us know in the comments what you think!