The Walter P. Chrysler Museum Closed Its Doors To Be Maserati’s New Office

The Walter P. Chrysler museum opened back in 1999 and showcased classic cars from Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, American Motors, Hudson, Nash, Rambler and Jeep. Unfortunately, the museum struggled financially and eventually closed its doors last year. As for the vehicles left inside the museum, they were distributed to various locations like storage lots and other museums, according to Bangshift.

The Walter P. Chrysler museum building, which is located on 1 Chrysler Drive in Auburn Hills, Michigan, will be converted into office space for Maserati and Alfa Romeo workers. Previously the offices were located in New Jersey but with the move to Michigan, this would make them closer to the FCA headquarters. What do you think about FCA moving all of the classic cars out to make room for a Maserati office? Do you think they should open up a new museum to put them in instead of putting them in storage?