The US Army Can’t Figure Out What To Use This Tank For

The U.S. Army has been testing the Ripsaw “tank” since 2010 but they just can’t seem to find a practical spot for it. The Ripsaw has been used on reality TV sets and it caught the eye of the Army so they started testing it at bases and research facilities.

Its official name is the Ripsaw EV2 and it’s a small, low-profile tracked “tank” that can fit 2 people in the cockpit, but it can also be driven by remote control. It has a 600-horsepower Duramax diesel engine and can travel at over 60mph. It’s said to be the fastest tracked vehicle ever built, according to Road and Track. The downside to the Ripsaw is its lack of armor. But it could have other uses as an infantry support vehicle, ambulance or tank-killer since it can be driven remotely.

The U.S. Army isn’t the only ones thinking about developing tank drones, Kalashnikov, developers of the AK-47, are developing their own 20-ton tank drone as well. Think this machine has a place in the army?

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