The Tesla Semi Looks Surprisingly Quick!

Elon Musk has had quite a year. Everything from rocket launches to more tunnels. And it’s only February! The latest news from his endeavors is that the semi we’ve been hearing about is out on the streets – and looking pretty quick (for an 18-wheeler).

Tesla has made a name for itself when it comes to speed. The Roadster and ludicrous mode are just a few examples. And it seems it doesn’t stop with the new truck. The battery-electric heavy truck promises 500 miles of fully-loaded highway range. It also has an aerodynamic design and central driving position that are somewhat unconventional as its zero-emissions drivetrain.

Someone managed to catch a Tesla Semi prototype cruising around a residential street. The weird thing about watching this semi in motion is that like all Teslas, the truck is nearly silent. Something we’re not used to. It also makes for a bit of a surprise when the driver hits the gas and the truck takes off! Tesla reports that the Semi will hit 0-60 in five seconds flat when running without a trailer. If you hitch a trailer with a full 80,000-lb load on you can add 20 seconds. Both times are pretty impressive. Do you believe it? Judging by this video we think they may be able to back those numbers.

If Tesla is able to take these trucks into production we may never be stuck behind slow, weighted down semis on the freeways again.

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