The Question Of The Week: Does Auto Insurance Cover Cars Damaged During Protests Or Riots?

With protests and riots in cities across America, a common question has become “Does Auto Insurance Cover Cars Damaged During Protests Or Riots?” It’s a fair question after seeing footage of personal vehicles, government vehicles, and even cars sitting in dealership lots being destroyed.

Whether intentionally inflicted or incidental, both parked cars and those being driven have sustained smashed windows, dented hoods, or gotten tagged with graffiti. So can you file a claim if this happens to your vehicle?

The Insurance Information Institute reports that this type of damage is typically covered under optional comprehensive insurance plans. Approximately two-thirds of policyholders have this type of coverage.

However, before you go filing claims, there are a few things to consider. For starters, don’t rush to file unless someone was injured. You should instead take time to get estimates and make sure you’re fully aware of all the issues. Next, if the damage is less than your deductible, it could be better to just pay out of pocket rather than take chances of being put into a higher risk category and increased rates.

Finally, if you decided to file a claim, simply report it as vandalism and not adding that a civil commotion was involved. Additional details can be added later if needed.

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