The Pickup With Secret Storage

You can already haul more in a pickup than your typical sedan or crossover. But this particular Ford Super Duty has an additional disappearing bedside toolbox. The original post on Facebook said there was only 5 made back in 2000 there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of additional information. And while it looks great and convenient there may be a reason it didn’t take off.

At first look it may seem brilliant to use up all that extra space, there is an issue with it. And that would be that any time you hit a bump or pothole, this is going to make a ton of noise and beat the crap out of whatever it is that’s being stored in there.

But we have to admit the hydraulic lifted fiberglass bedside complete with sealing weather stripping on the bottom is a compelling idea. Do you know any more about these supposed 5 trucks out there? Let us know!

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