The New F-150 Has A Crazy Cool Feature in the Bed for Measuring Payload

Ford F-150 | Ford

The F-150 is the most popular truck for a reason, and Ford has taken it up a notch to hold onto its crown. If you own a truck, and we don’t mean a pavement princess, you know that payload problems and overloading the bed can be a serious issue. Despite this, many might accidentally overload the bed and exceed payload capacity, but Ford found a solution – they added a scale in the bed to measure payload.

A payload capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight you can safely add to the cargo area in addition to its empty weight, and it’s something that should be taken seriously.

By exceeding the carefully considered weight the manufacturer recommends, you’ll notice the steering feels heavier when handling the truck, and the added pressure on the suspension and shocks will make it challenging to control. Not only that, you increased the chances of a tire blowout, which could be catastrophic if you’re unable to move off the road safely due to the weight. Cargo can also shift causing the truck to roll over, which are all reasons you should ever exceed the payload.

Obviously, this isn’t something done intentionally, and sometimes, you just need to move a lot. We don’t usually have access to a scale that can weigh something like this, and the genius of the Ford engineers decided – hey, let’s fix this problem, which is what they’ve done.

Ford F150 | Ford

The F-150 boasts the highest payload in class at 3,325 pounds. Even with that best-in-class payload, it’s still easy to exceed it, but the new Onboard Scales system Ford announced aims to rectify that potential issue. This feature is calibrated for each truck configuration to offer a live weight through an app, or on their infotainment system display, and we have to say, it’s pretty awesome.

The truck will also be offered with a Smart Hitch receiver that measures the tongue weight of a trailer. By doing this, it can suggest adjustments to keep you safe.

In addition to the scales it’ll receive, the truck will also get an adaptive damper option. It works by using computer-controlled shocks that improve the overall ride quality. It will account for trailers and cargo but also has a pothole avoidance feature that prevents wheels from dropping entirely into a pothole.

As we exit winter, some parts of the country are dealing with horrible roads from the weather. The potholes have been noticeable, even in higher profile vehicles, but this feature will help a lot, especially if you’re carrying at capacity in your bed.

It looks as though Ford seems to be an innovator in a crowded market and looking for new ways to stand out. Fortunately, this will help a lot of people who use their trucks for their intended purpose.

Ford F150 | Ford

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