The First Legally Resold 2017 Ford GT Sold For Three Times Its Original Price


It’s well-known there are guidelines for re-selling a Ford GT. After all, John Cena was in hot water with Ford for selling his GT against the contract terms. Now, the first 2017 Ford GT to be resold after its sales embargo’s end has netted $1,540,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auction.

The limited-run ’66 Heritage Edition model was signed on the auction block by Joey Hand, who was behind the wheel of a Ford GT in a historic class win at Le Mans in 2016.

Due to contracts upon purchase, modern Ford GTs have rarely changed hands from the original buyers. Ford required GT buyers to sign an agreement that they wouldn’t try to resell their cars for two years after purchase to discourage scalping, and has aggressively pursued anyone who broke the contract.

However, the owner of this GT followed the agreement and still walked away with more money than they paid for the car. The owner of this 2017 GT walked away close to a million dollars richer since the GT originally sold for around $450,000).

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