The Famous Scene From Bullitt: Mustang vs Charger

When it comes to car chase movies, Bullitt (1968) always seems to top the list of the best car chase scenes of all time. We’re talking about the famous Mustang vs Charger scene set in the streets of San Francisco. In an era of movie making where CGI and all kinds of complex staged stunts were non-existent, the chase scene in this film really stands the test of time. Nowadays in movies, car chase scenes can look overly fake with too much computer animation involvement which really takes away from the realism that a lot of car enthusiasts want.

The car chase scene from Bullitt looks about as real as it gets. This was in 1968 but it still is just as thrilling and exciting to watch as it was back when it came out! Watching Steve McQueen speed through the streets of 1960’s San Francisco in his 380-powered 1968 Mustang GT Fastback is about as cool as you can get! Don’t forget the awesome Dodge Charger while you’re at it! What an awesome and iconic chase scene! What do you think about this? Is Bullitt one of your favorite films or have you never seen it? Let us know in the comments!