The Driver Of This Van Is Having A Really Bad Day

There’s bad days and then there’s REALLY bad days. We imagine that the driver of this van is probably having a REALLY bad day after this just happened!

You see a van driving down a street somewhere in what looks like rainy road conditions. Suddenly a car comes out of nowhere and crashes into the van which completely turns the van sideways. This doesn’t look like it was even that bad of a crash but then as the van is sideways in then goes over into a ditch. Now this isn’t just any normal ditch but this ditch is full of water! It looks like it’s some kind of storm drainage system or something of that nature.

As the van drives over into this ditch, it literally falls vertically and then crashes down sideways! The van then had to get a crane to get it taken out of this situation. Talk about a bad day!! This is terrible! Not only was the guys van damaged from the crash but it probably had water damage also. The driver was fortunately ok after this accident. What do you think about this crash? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!