The Correct Way To Resurface A Concrete Floor

Shop floors take a lot of abuse. So it’s important to keep them in good condition. So before XOR brought all of their equipment back into the studio, they had Questmark come in and resurface their shop floor the correct way.

They started by cutting the floor joints to clean them out and expose fresh concrete. Then the entire surface gets ground off and all the residual dust is removed from the floor and joints. The joints are then filled with a flexible epoxy for a completely smooth surface. The special formula Questmark uses allows the slabs of flooring to move independently while still staying bonded together.

Once the epoxy is dry, the floor is ground smooth yet again. A layer of grout coat is spread on top of the concrete to fill in any chips or scratches that may be left behind. After that, the concrete is ground down for a final time and covered with a stain before it’s burnished to help prevent any new stains. For more information on flooring and refinishing check out Questmark Flooring.

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