The Civic Type R Is Fast But It Can’t Burn Out

It’s no secret the new Honda Civic Type R is track-ready and full of power, but when it comes to burnouts, it may not be your first choice. The guys at Hoonigan brought in 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner and ex-Formula One driver Alexander Rossi behind the wheel and challenged him to put the new Civic Type R head-to-head against a Honda S2000 in their Donut Garage Rossi’s Civic Type R has trouble spinning in place despite having both VTEC and a turbo. It comes down to the guys soaping down the pavement and holding down the Honda in one place. And even after all that, the car still just wants to pull forward.

This week along with all the tech coming out of our four shops, we roll a MATCO Tools truck into the PowerNation studio for Katie. Well almost, it didn’t fit! So Katie’s guest this week Ben Gambrel, V.P. of Marketing, filled the studio with the latest line of MATCO Tool boxes called Revel.

Ben will also talk about some of the new technology that’s available, plus Josh Kessell will share what the typical day is like for a MATCO Tools franchise owner.

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