The Chevy Corvette AeroWagen From Callaway Is Here

Not long after the Chevy Corvette C7 was released back in 2013, Callaway put out a rendering of a shooting brake conversion they called the AeroWagen. And that rendering has come to life.

The AeroWagen Conversion Kit is available on any Callaway custom Corvette or unmodified C7, which includes the Grand Sport and the Z06. The conversion replaces the standard hatchback with wraparound rear glass with a defroster element on it. The unit bolts on and doesn’t need any other modifications AND you can still use the hatchback’s function. According to Car and Driver, Callaway can do the conversion at its shops in Connecticut, California, or at its partner retailers. The standard kit runs around $15,000…and that includes the Callaway carbon fiber AeroSpoiler. With Chevy not showing any signs of every putting a Corvette shooting brake in to production, this may be your chance if you want a Corvette wagon.