The Carpooling Revolution May Make Taxis Obsolete

Taxis have ruled the roads of a lot of major cities, especially New York City, for well…decades now. But a study done by MIT says that carpooling services could put most of the cab drivers out of business.

Research has proven that carpooling services like Uber and Lyft are more efficient, less costly, and pollute less than a traditional taxi. MIT took data from 3 million New York City taxi rides and came to the conclusion that just 3,000 ridesharing cars could replace New York City’s 14,000 cab fleet. And although it could reduce congestion by 3 times, it would mean putting the jobs of over 15,000 taxi drivers out of work or transitioning them to rideshare drivers. So what do you think? Is ridesharing the way of the future? Are taxis on the way out?