The California Highway Patrol Drifts A Dodge Charger To Remind You To Drive Safely

The CHP took a different approach this year while reminding residents to drive safely in the upcoming winter months. It’s definitely an odd video, to say the least.

The agency took the opportunity to show off their Emergency Vehicle Operations Course using an elf on the shelf that possesses crazy drift skills. Somehow the two are tied together although we haven’t quite figured it out yet. While driving on slick surfaces and controlling vehicles in dicey situations certainly are a part of winter driving, a trained officer drifting on dry pavement isn’t exactly the same scenario.

The fact that the CHP throws Günther the Elf Recruit in may be the winter/holiday tie-in they were looking for however, we’re willing to bet if any drivers pulled the stunts Günther did behind the wheel, CHP would have them pulled over in a heartbeat – snow or not.

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