The Better Cylinder Head for Gen III Hemi Engines

Factory cylinder heads for Gen III Hemi engines are pretty darn good. Edelbrock’s Performer RPM Gen III Hemi Cylinder Heads are even better. They feature fully CNC-machined combustion chambers, CNC-profiled bowls, and CNC-profiled port entries/exits for improved airflow—up to 337 CFM on the intake side at .700-inch of valve lift. Other features include thicker decks and  reinforced combustion chambers to handle increased cylinder pressures, extra material at the intake and exhaust ports to allow port work, and reinforced rocker arm bosses for improved stability.  

Juice Your Gen III Hemi with a COMP Cams HRT Camshaft

Swap your Gen III Hemi’s factory cam for a COMP Cams HRT Camshaft and you’ll boost horsepower without beating up your valvetrain. The hydraulic roller cams have COMP’s Low Shock Technology profiles designed to maximize horsepower, improve stability at higher RPM, and are gentle on the valve springs for longer life. Get an HRT Camshaft and Valve Spring Package and you can add up to 170 horsepower depending on which stage you get.

An LS Intake Manifold Designed to Handle Big Boost

If you’re thinking about a supercharger or turbo setup for your LS engine, FAST has an intake manifold you’ll want to check out. The LSXHR 103mm Intake Manifold is made from a strong, lightweight polymer material that virtually eliminates power-robbing heat soak. What’s more, the tunnel ram-style intake is rated at 45 PSI of continuous boost pressure to handle whatever kind of blower or turbo you want to run. FAST even cast in two nitrous nozzle bosses per runner and offers optional velocity stacks so you can fine-tune the manifold’s runner lengths.

2005-10 Mopar Gen. III 6.1L Hemi Engine Guide: Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More

When Chrysler announced it was bringing back the legendary Hemi in the early 2000s, it was a big deal. This new series of Hemi engines is often referred to as the “Gen. 3” after the first generation FirePower (1951-59) and second generation Elephant 426 (1964-71). Continue reading the hemi guide from Summit Racing.