Tesla Model 3 Driver Was Caught Stealing Electricity From Police Command Center


There can be a little anxiety that comes with owning a Tesla, or any electric vehicle. Unlike gas stations, you can’t just run to the nearest charging station as they aren’t as common. So if you’re one of those people who likes to keep your vehicle above half a tank (gas or electricity) then you can imagine the planning that goes into it.

German site, Autobild, reports that a 48-year-old was passing through the city of Mettemann and realized he didn’t have enough charge left to reach his destination 50 miles away and couldn’t locate a public charging station. Although it’s said there are several being located in the nearby area, maybe panic set it. German versions of the Model 3 are rated at 255 miles to 348 miles per charge.

Construction site via Google Maps

So he pulled into a construction site and plugged the car into an outlet inside of a portable toilet, according to the local German authorities.

What he didn’t know, was that the site was for a new police command center going up next to headquarters and equipped with an alarm that he tripped by pulling in.

Police showed up to the site and ended up charging him with trespassing and Entziehung and unauthorized withdrawal of electricity.

You at least have to give the guy points for quick thinking!

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