Teen Crashes Car While Doing Bird Box Challenge

Growing up, daring your friends was always good for a laugh. Lately, it seems like these challenges hitting the internet may just be Darwinism at it’s finest. Eating tide pods, probably a few in-between, and now the Bird Box challenge. For those that don’t have Netflix or refuse to watch it, Bird Box is a movie featuring Sandra Bullock where she’s basically blindfolded throughout the whole movie because if anyone sees these weird supernatural beings, they kill themselves. Something like that. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes on Facebook by now.

According to The Drive, a Layton, Utah teen decided to jump in her car blindfolded and actually drive for this so-called Bird Box challenge. Of course, the obvious happened – she wrecked. She crossed over the center line in her pickup truck and crashed into an oncoming Honda CR-V. The Layton police department posted the photos on their Twitter. Luckily, nobody was injured except maybe her pride. Please, let’s not make this a thing. We all would like to get home to our families.

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