Tacoma Top, K10 Rescue, Willys Bullet, And Diesel Denali

This weekend on PowerNation there is all new tech from XOR and Truck Tech and previous projects in Detroit Muscle and Engine Power! Be sure to tune in to History from 7-9am ET/PT Sunday mornings!

On an ALL-NEW XOR, our 2001 Toyota Tacoma gets a canvas topper, plus Jeremy and Eliza help a young couple with their restoration of a 1978 Chevy K10.

On Engine Power, we made some good power with this Ford powerplant before, and there’s more in store for this budget-friendly bullet.

On an ALL-NEW Truck Tech, LT & Austin purchase a 2011 Sierra Denali HD, plus they are on the road in Indy for coverage of the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

And on Detroit Muscle, it’s a recap and forecast on the projects we have in the shop. Plus, an install of a new drivetrain and chassis on Buick Project Street Regal.

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