Surprise! Brothers Restore Dad’s ’87 Honda Civic Si Into His First Race Car

We love a good restoration, especially when it’s a surprise. These brothers put their time over the last year or so of lockdown to good use.

The Cortez brothers took their dad’s first sporty car: a 1987 Honda Civic Si and decided to officially turn it into a race car for him. The Honda sat relatively neglected in the family garage for over two decades. But the guys decided it was time to get it back in action and over the course of eight months it was transformed into a vehicle perfect for autocross. Turns out, Mr. Cortez is an autocross fan and hadn’t been able to participate since the mid-’90s!

The car got a major overhaul complete with a fresh coat of red paint, upgraded wheels, a brake kit, new seats complete with the four-point harnesses, and much more. The brothers listed the complete build list on their YouTube if this project interests you.

It’s definitely fun to watch dad’s reaction as they take the car cover off and let him see his Honda for the first time in years. Have a good restoration story? Send it our way!

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