Stay Safe and Cool With a Five-Point Harness and New Radiator

Although it’s important to look, sound, and perform well on the track, safety trumps them all. It doesn’t matter how fast you can go if you aren’t safe, meaning you should always prioritize and invest in areas that matter most.

Once you’re safe, you need to keep your engine cool by finding the right radiator. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find one that fits perfect, which is where we can help.

Safety Comes First

Stroud Safety’s Kam-Lock Harness | Summit Racing

There’s no substitute when it comes to safety, especially during a race. If you’re planning a day on the track soon, make sure to pick up a quality harness that’s SFI-approved and produced by a manufacturer that stands behind their products. Stroud Safety’s Kam-Lock Harnesses are a prime example of this. The five-point harnesses are SFI 16.1-approved, made in the United States, and feature tough nylon belts and a quick-release cam lock hatch. They are no compromise safety gear.

Exceptional Cooling That Always Fits

Griffin Exact Fit Radiator Combo | Summit Racing

There are various radiators and modules capable of keeping your engine cool, but it’s challenging to find one that fits correctly. With 350 applications for vehicles that range from Camaros, Ford Model T’s, and Ferraris, Griffin likely makes an Exact Fit Radiator Combo that’ll fit your car or truck perfectly. Griffin went through the trouble of mounting an electric fan and shroud to the radiator – all you need to do is bolt it in, connect some wires and hoses, and you’re ready to beat the heat and stay cool.

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