Speeding Tank Crashes Into A Lamp Post!

Out of all the land vehicles out there, the one that would be the worst to crash would probably be the tank. It’s not only extremely heavy but if you lose control of it, it’ll more than likely take out a lot of the environment around you also (in this case, it took out a lamp post!)

In this video, the tanks seen driving down the road were reportedly rehearsing for an upcoming parade. The roads appear wet, as it looks like it had been raining quite a lot that day. The tank in the beginning of the video looks like it’s driving a little too fast, especially in such poor road conditions! As this speeding tank drives down the road, it suddenly loses control and begins to slide sideways and then literally takes out a lamp post and a tree! That’s definitely a fail! Unfortunately it’s easy for any vehicle no matter what kind, to lose control on a rainy road. In this case however, the combination of the extreme weight of the tank and the slippery road conditions ended up uprooting a lamp post and a tree!

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