So The New Ford Raptor Has Both 4WD & AWD! How Does That Work Exactly!?

You’ve probably heard the terms AWD and 4WD when it comes to the different types of vehicles out there. A lot of people seem to also use the terms interchangeably, except there are actually a few key differences in the two technologies. When it comes to a 4WD vehicle, all of the tires are being turned at the same rate, however with an AWD drive vehicle, things are a bit different. When an AWD vehicle is being driven, the front and the back wheels can be turned at different rates. This allows the vehicle to be better suited for street use, because this type of technology allows the vehicle not to lock up when going around a turn, because really who wants that!?

Well anyways, after all of that was said, now it gets even more complex. It’s been revealed that the new Ford Raptor has both 4WD and AWD! It’s a really amazing concept because when someone owns a truck, they usually drive it not only on the street but off-road as well, so the driving conditions are always going to be a bit different. It makes sense to have technologies that adapt to whatever driving situation you find yourself in. This video goes into detail on how exactly these 2 technologies can exist with each other at the same time!

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