Shelby American Has A Super Snake Package

Shelby American now has a package for the 13th-generation Ford-F150 and it’s awesome! The Super Snake treatment adds a supercharger and other performance mods to the stock Coyote 5.0 V8, which then turns the standard F-150 into a 750HP muscle truck according to The Drive.

Some of the mods besides the supercharger includes a carbon fiber tube, new fuel injectors, Shelby tuned suspension, Borla exhaust, a billet throttle body, and a heat exchanger. If you’re interested in this, all the costs involved totals out to $96,680. In addition to the F-150, Shelby also has unveiled a 750HP wide body Super Snake Mustang which is just insane.

This Sunday at 9am there’s all new tech from the shops. In Detroit Muscle it’s the start of a new project…an over the top giveaway drift Mustang. With some help from Pro Drifter Vaughn Gitten Jr. the Detroit Muscle crew takes on one of their wildest projects yet.

And this week on PowerNation Katie features the 1967 Gabriel El Camino that you can enter to win. Truck Tech’s Jeremy and LT haven’t finished it yet, but we wanted to show it to you now after the wild paint scheme Jeremy laid down. Gabriel’s Director of Marketing Jonathon Gore will join Katie to talk about the 50th anniversary of HiJacker Shocks and how this El Camino is a celebration of that. It has a 6L LS making about 550 horsepower and of course comes with HiJacker Shocks. Jeremy will stop by also to talk about how he painted it, including an amazing water droplet effect. Check it out this week on PowerNation. To enter you can visit or