Shazam For Cars, Crazy Carjacking, Indy 500 Crash, Pro-2 Truck Lawn Mowing, And A Civic Stuck In Concrete

An app that can tell you what model a car is just from a picture, this woman went the extra mile to save her Subaru from carjackers, Scott Dixon walked away from his Indy 500 crash, a Pro-2 Truck is way more fun than a lawn mower, and a Civic gets stuck in concrete and it costs the driver, well, a lot more than his pride all on PowerNation Daily!

  1. Shazam For Car Models
  2. A Woman Went To Crazy Lengths To Save Her Subaru
  3. Scott Dixon Walked Away From His Terrifying Indy 500 Crash
  4. You Don’t Need A Push Mower When You Have Pro-2 Truck
  5. This Is How Much It’ll Cost If You Drive Through Wet Concrete

  6. This Sunday starting at 9am we have all new tech from the shops. In Xtreme Off Road, Ian shares tips to make wiring your rig easier and quicker.

    Then, in PowerNation, Katie has a 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet and only 50 were produced. Out of those 50, only two came in “Gotta Have It Green”. Owner Jeff let us show off his rare pony car complete with a factory five liter V8 with a Whipple supercharger making around 1000 horsepower! Katie will also talk to me about the latest on the 350z build in PowerNation Garage. We put this car through its paces on the track to lay down baseline numbers as a stock sports car before we throw a ton of NISMO parts at it, then we test it again. Tune in this weekend!