Semi-Truck Accidentally Spills Thousands of Beer Cans onto Highway

Everyone knows the state of Kentucky for being famous for its bourbon. However, a recent accident on Interstate 71 had a different kind of alcohol making headlines. That is because around 8:50 AM, a semi-truck hauling thousands of cans of Bud Light beer tipped over an exit ramp, causing the entire load to spill out onto the highway.

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While the driver managed to exit the truck without any injuries, the spill did cause about an hour delay for commuters while emergency responders cleared the road of the beer cans.

Because all of the cans of beer were contained in cardboard cases, it was reported that many of them remained unbroken. Of course, after an hour of lying on the side of the road, chances are many of these warm beer cans were not immediately transported to local liquor stores.

This is one of several semi-truck incidents that caused its contents to be dumped over the road, including chocolate, tv dinners, and even hot dog filler (aka “pink slime”). Fair to say this is one of many incidents that emergency crews would prefer not to have to clean up on the side of the highway.

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